Getting Back To 'Normal' Life After Lockdown

Getting Back To 'Normal' Life After LockdownHey,
I hope everyone reading this is well and starting to feel comfortable after lockdown starts to ease. It is still really hard to feel 'back to normal' but it's about trusting our instincts and doing things at our own pace. Being disabled I was a bit more nervous when I wanted to start to go back out and took a bit longer to go out than others and this made me feel happier and safer. 
I was starting to get restless when lockdown was eased and the economy was opening back up, but I didn't want to go out straight away so I waited for the excitement from public to wear off before I started to go out, I would say now I have been to a few restaurants, I felt really safe and I was happy to be out. Being in a wheelchair, I was really nervous about social distance because not everyone always notices you, but so far I felt really happy about going out. 
Having Cerebral Palsy, put me in a higher risk category, so when the lockd…

CP Teens Guest Blog: Anxiety during lockdown

Hey all, ​This is the blog I wrote for CP Teens Guest Blog. Hope you enjoy it!Hope everyone’s ok, keeping safe and well at this unpredictable and strange time. When I first heard about Coronavirus, I naturally felt anxious and concerned about the virus, but after I got over the realisation about what was going on, I settled down into staying at home and made sure I kept busy. I have found that I am happier and a lot more relaxed than I was when we were all going out and had a ‘normal’ routine. It has actually made me a better person, making me realise what is important in life and what really isn’t. It has taught me to not to take everything so serious and treat everyday as a new day, don't hold grudges because there are more issues going on in the world to carry on with our problems, its just easier to move on and think how positive we can be. Before Coronavirus and lockdown, I was very busy with going to the gym, doing work placements and just generally going out for leisure. So…

Staying positive at home

Staying positive at home 
Hello guys,
Hope you are all well and keeping safe. 
I have really surprised myself of how much I've got used to staying at home. I thought I would be stressed and anxious about not being able to go out, but it has gone the opposite way. I'm happy, motivated and very relaxed. Being someone with a high level of anxiety, I thought I would've got bored and emotional very quickly but I have been keeping busy and chilled throughout my time at home. 
Being at home has made me more proactive on what I really want out of life. I think before I got so used to going out and at times I sort of took it for granted. Now being  at home has made me realise what the positive things are in life and it has made me feel grateful for them. Also I have realised how much there is to do at home that I didn't really give much thought on before, like i’m enjoying reading and playing online easy games that I haven't played for years. I miss the freedom of going to the …

What I have been up to


Hope everyone that is reading this are keeping well and safe at this difficult time. Being at home and trying to keepourselves occupied can be frustrating, we bound to become bored and fed up at some point. However we can do lots of positive things when we put our minds to it. Its about being positive, proactive and plan how we are going to spend our day.

I have been walking in my parallel bars everyday to keep my fitness and strenth up while not going to  the gym. Only after a week focusing on them after a long time of not using them, I feel a lot stronger and motivated to walk everyday.  Starting something again that wthe we aren't used to can be hard but doing it repatively can help our mindset. Being able to have the time to concentraight on my walking has given me a good goal and I can now see the importance of it. I always knew how important it was but now I can see myself improve a little everyday. This can be applied to anything we need to do but not have right energ…

A-Z exercises in the gym or at home

Hi all,
I thought I'd challenge myself and to an A-Z of exercises that I do or did before in the gym. Anyone can probably can do these in the gym or at home but I thought doing it in the alphabet would be a fun way to present them. Enjoy reading through them. 

A- Z of exercises in the gym or at home 
Ab crunches  Bike Crawling Dumbell bicep curls Elastic band knee and hip abductors Floor plank  Glute bridges Hand cycle  Incline training Jumping jacks Kneeling Leg raises Marching on the spot  Neck roll Open and close of the hips Press ups Quick circuits   Rowing Sit ups Throwing with a weighted ball Uber body crunches  Viper bar presses Walking X crunch Yoga stretches   Zottman curl


Hi all, 
Hope you are all well.
Just wanted to do a catch up blog really on things, 
I am trying to keep myself busy by going to the gym, posting positive things on social media, just living life to the full and keeping myself occupied. 
I am really focused on the gym at the moment, I'm working with a new personal trainer. I'm working on mainly crawling and walking, things that I need to work on to build my strength and balance up. I really enjoy doing exercises to make me stronger, get me more mobile and independent and waking up the muscles that don't really get used while sitting in my wheelchair.  I am not actually going into the gym but using the studio and doing things that will benefit me. I am working on moving freely allowing my body to feel the movement and teaching my brain to move the body parts I don't really use whilst sitting in my wheelchair.  This is making me feel more motivated and happy as I am seeing lots of benefits to myself already. It feels really …

A trip into London in a wheelchair

Hi all, I thought this would be a nice post to share about going to London as a wheelchair user.
A trip into London in a wheelchair 
I spent last weekend in London and I thought i’d share my experience with using my wheelchair in a busy and popular city.
On the Saturday, me and my boyfriend Victor pre-booked the train tickets as we had to book the support at either end to get the ramp put down on the train doors, so I could get on and the train safely. Train lines are great if they get it right, luckily on this trip, they were spot on and we made it into London with a relaxed journey.
I think I was able to get around London well in my wheelchair and was impressed that all black cabs are accessible. It was a lot easier knowing that cabs took wheelchairs so this enabled us to get around and see a lot more.
As London is a busy city with a large amount of people commuting to and from work, visiting people and like us, exploring, I found it got busier at certain times but when it did, we took r…